Teach the Future.

Resources to prepare the planet’s leaders of tomorrow. An open, interdisciplinary curriculum toolkit focused on conservation, innovation, and creative-problem solving.

Why a conservation curriculum toolkit?

Our vision is to equip a diverse cadre of aspiring leaders with the tools to execute trailblazing solutions to address the climate and extinction crises.

We do this through a collaborative, open platform—something you can contribute to or utilize freely—harnessing the strengths of conservation-minded faculty and institutions across the globe.

Students want to do purpose-driven work. They want their studies to affect concrete, real-world change in the face of urgent and critical issues. The Conservation Futures Toolkit provides tools for educators to provide an experience unlike anything else students will encounter in school—not to mention save themselves some time in planning and organization.

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Problem Bank

Resources to discover and learn about some of humanity’s most pressing environmental challenges.


From innovation competitions and funding opportunities to internships and job listings, we help amazing organizations connect with tomorrow’s leaders.


The education revolution starts in
your classroom.

Our next generation of conservation leaders are being trained today. The challenges that mold them will be fostered in the classrooms of innovative instructors who look outside the box for lesson material that helps students affect meaningful change in the world around them.